Good Food + Good Flow / MARCH 2018  / 

story / Event / March 26, 2018

Look, we aren’t saying we’re not partial to a long lunch, or a sneaky wine after work. I mean sometimes that’s just what one needs! We conceived Yogazella with the mind and body at the forefront of our thoughts. A chance to network, with good vibes only. A chance to take some time out of your busy schedules to find some peace of mind. A chance to eat and be merry without the usual beer in hand.

Good Food + Good Flow = YOGAZELLA

THANK YOU to legendary,  beautiful soul Jules Jenkinson for her practice. We all felt challenged and grounded through her teachings. For Radiant Sol for providing the most effortless and calm studio space. And to the people who made the night special – YOU!


Wellness is… Family and Love.



Wellness is… Time to yourself. Peace, Strength and Resilience.



Wellness is… Drop all of your thoughts and go for a long, peaceful walk with a friend or a family member.

– Elisia and Nella



Wellness is… meditation and taking the time to look after yourself.




  Wellness is… walking along anywhere. Sleeping.




Wellness is… sleeping, relaxing, eating and being with the people you love!




Wellness is… family and friends.



Watch this space for the next Y O G A Z E L L A event that will be in June 2018. Hope to see you there.

– J & D xx


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