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Gazella tribe. Get around this.


Parlour and the University of Melbourne present two days of lively, incisive and necessary exchange on gender equity in the built environment professions.

How is gender equity reshaping and reinvigorating our professions and disciplines? What action is underway? What demands are being made? Where do we each find agency? What complexities must we engage with? What do we need to better understand? What next?

Transformations: Action on Equity is a platform for researchers, professionals and activists who are changing and challenging the way we think about gender in the built environment professions, and are actively creating new futures for our professions and the communities we serve.

The program is organised as a series of discussions investigating key modes of action – organising at the grassroots, leadership through policy, reshaping the workplace, and rewriting history. This is an opportunity to reflect on recent action, and to grapple with the work still required. The symposium also seeks to expand our knowledge through exploratory conversations on key topics that intersect with and expand understandings of gender equity – gendered Indigeneity, non-binary and gender diverse identities, and mental wellbeing and.

Who? Transformations is for everyone! People of all genders; scholars practitioners, educators or those active in the built environment disciplines in other ways; emerging or established, we hope all will join us for two days of conversation, speculation and action.

The inaugural Symposium of the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning (ABP) was held in 2018. ‘Go Back to Where You Came From: Indigenous Design – Past | Present | Future’ was carefully curated as a provocation to explore the role of Indigenous design, the event showcased a range of established local and international First Nations design practitioners across a diversity of disciplines and provided an opportunity to reveal design approaches straddling interconnected themes of culture, Country and identity.

In 2012 Parlour and the Melbourne School of Design collaborated on Transform: Altering the Future of Architecture. This one-day symposium asked, “If architecture was more inclusive would it also be in a stronger position?” It speculated about how we might generate a more equitable, effective and robust profession and what such a might discipline look like.

Transform was a significant step in creating a robust, newly active community advocating for gender equity, which crosses between and among practice, academia and allied fields. This community went on to activate the research and discussion within and beyond Australia. It helped create new knowledge and put that knowledge to work.

There is lots of work to do, and we must do it together – see you at Transformations!

Conveners: Justine Clark, Julie Willis, Anna Hurlimann
14–15 November, 2019

Glyn Davis Building, University of Melbourne



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