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Gazella's 1st Birthday

story / Event / June 6, 2016

Arriving at Gazella’s 1st Birthday, I instantly felt the excitement in the room. This could have been the intimacy of Fatto Bar, the chance for long last catch ups, the thrill of meeting inspirational interviewees or the warm winter glow on everyones faces. It was more than all of these combined, it was the sense of being a part of and celebrating something visionary.

Being an eager reader and friend to the Gazella Women, this underlying, electric buzz surrounding the room was everything we all hoped and dreamed the blog could generate. The calibre of marvellous Gazella Men and Women filling the room was a true credit to the relevance and importance of the discussion.

Networking can sometimes feel forced at industry events. Yet excitement filled the room as people of different disciplines, backgrounds and hierarchy welcomed insight into diverse experiences. Open minds and storytelling moved from the weekly blog to reality between a cross section of like-minded individuals.

Valerie Francis, a truly phenomenal woman, educator and engineer in her own right, spoke with grace and humour in bewilderment of the ‘self-less’ nature of the project. Her perception, followed by Danielle and Justine’s summary on what it meant to be a Gazella Woman, highlighted the variety and struggles of people of diversity in traditional industries. They did this with spunk and clarity, endeavouring not to focus on the challenge but a celebrate the achievement.

The continuing success of Gazella and evident support of its followers are testament to charismatic and determined founders. Women who are not only helping to pave the way for peers and upcoming generations, but also paving the way for a journey of stories most of us never knew we needed.

To the Gazella Women and Men, thankyou for being bloody legends.


Rosie Leake

Construction newbie who’s Gorman probably clashes with her fluro.


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Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s been a big first year. We have just launched our Facebook page (, so head there for more fantastic photos by James, our event photographer. And thanks for sticking around. You’ve been great!

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