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Baby, what you doing?

story / Announcement / May 21, 2023

Hello tribe! It’s been a while.

You may be wondering what happened to us or where we disappeared to. After 7 odd years of posting fairly consistently…life got the better of us!

It’s amazing to think that Justine and I started this venture as graduates…boy life has changed since then!
So without further ado – and before we commence posting for 2023 – here is a recap of what we have been up to for the last six months. Cute pics included!




What has been keeping me busy? Firstly, I have been transitioning into a very exciting work opportunity. I believe the property and construction industry has a unique scope of influence on our environment and communities. It is our responsibility to strive for sustainable, human centric approaches in our projects and my new role involves leading the Environmental and Social impact and its Governance across our Asia Pacific portfolio. Work travel consumed the first quarter of the year, with a conference at headquarters in Houston. It was a very American experience, with a side trip to NASA and the biggest Rodeo in America! The following fortnight, the whole APAC region met in Vietnam, an excellent opportunity for cross country collaboration and relaxation, especially for those colleagues living through tough lockdowns across China.

My MBA is currently on hold while I plan out the next few months of study tour across the Globe. I can’t wait to visit projects, learn about initiatives and meet people leading the ESG strategy across the business. That will take me through to mid year, where I will re-enrol in classes and get back to the usual programming of an overloaded Work-Life-Study balance.

On the life front, there have been weddings and adventures galore. One spectacular day, for a close friend, I played the role of florist and constructed the arbour, tables and bouquets (no I do not have formal training, but a creative day was an absolute delight). More recently I was maid of honour and as a girl who lives her life in haste, I can confirm the slow walking was a huge challenge! As always, weekends free of events have involved seaside adventures.
That’s the summary…..It sounds like a lot, but I promise it has been fun!


What have I been doing? I spent January heavily pregnant and very glad I decided not to go back to work after Christmas. I was gigantic. I had Maia on the 5th of February, which went relatively well. But then I unexpectedly spent most of February in hospital. Yay. I swear, they don’t tell you all the potential postpartum issues that can arise!

Since then I’ve been looking after a small child, which is very different to the mode I’ve been in for the last 11 years. My little doll, who I get to dress up all cute every day. Teach her things. Watch her grow. I think it’s been a big change, obviously a big adjustment to my life, but I’m actually really enjoying it because it is a lot less stressful! I’m not sure I’m meant to say that, but for me it’s true!

I got a ’70s shaggy haircut yesterday. I went to my hairdresser and did my usual “I’m bored” …And she was like, I’ll just use a razor and cut a shag into your hair. You need these people in your life!


I mean, I’m probably the most boring of the bunch. It’s probably just been business as usual for me. The last few months for me have gone past really quick. I’ve done a lot more personally so far in 2023, in terms of working a bit more on my health and wellness. Rejoining a gym etc.

I don’t have any real big milestones such as a job change or a baby, but it’s been consistent. I probably needed that after a very full year in 2022. So it’s nice to have a bit of stability, consistency and predictability.
So yeah, that’s where I’m at!


So, on the personal front, I have a baby. Oliver. He’ll be six months old next week. I guess that’s quite a milestone! With four teeth and we’ve just had gone through almost three weeks of just pure sickness or it feels like a month actually, between everyone. But we’re getting there…we’re on the mend this week. He brings a lot of joy!

Businesswise, we’re growing. We just actually just employed a coordinator today, which is exciting. She seems like a force. So that’ll make Peach a team of 6 with three fit out jobs running at the moment and plenty on the horizon.


We will be back with new content, interviews and the stories you love soon!


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