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GAZELLA wins the Crystal Vision award at NAWIC 2016

story / Event / September 5, 2016

We are incredibly humbled and proud to have been recognised last Friday night at the NAWIC awards. The Crystal Vision Award is an endorsement of our vision to further encourage and foster women in the built environment. To show how successful women can be, as effective contributors and leaders in this industry.

The GAZELLA women interviewed on our blog, are empowered by sharing stories. Telling our stories is not a passive action, but an attempt live outside ourselves, to grow and evolve out of the lessons we learn along the way. Stories are transformative; they can shape our careers and our goals into lesson for ourselves and others. They are a way to demonstrate to ourselves, where we are going next. Telling a story or reading a story is a chance to learn from the past, but also to transcend from that point into our next step, goal or role.

To the GAZELLA follower; reading the stories of others broadens our perspectives and views of the world, career and opportunities. It allows us to see beyond the story we may be entrapped by (often our own) and find a new potential within, or outside of ourselves.

GAZELLA stories are always positive. They are bold and honest. Full of determination and fierceness. This has been a conscious decision by Us, as Editors, to make the message of our featured women, one of positivism. We have this brilliant opportunity to network and meet amazing women and sharing their stories allows us to contribute to the dialogue of gender equality and hopefully make a difference to the paradigm shift that we see starting to happen in the world.

When women have a voice and when women see female leaders; they are empowered themselves to think they also have a voice and that they are also able to be successful leaders. GAZELLA has provided the wider industry with an ongoing, weekly source of role models from all facets of the industry. Direct, into your email inbox. Delivered, put in front of you. Celebrated and accessible.

So thank you for following. Thank you for sharing with your friends and thank you for seeing the value in sharing stories. We are pretty terrible at blowing our own trumpet. It’s one thing to know you are working hard…and another to say ‘Damn, we are doing a good job!’ Because success is hard to measure. But we are excited that we are part of making a difference and that’s what counts. And if there is one thing we can take away from being awarded with this accolade, it’s that people can appreciate the effort and the positivity in our work. It makes everything worth it.


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