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Hello! We’re back with some things to read, listen and watch through these cooler months!

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With Dylan Alcott being Australian of the year for 2022, the time is now to educate ourselves on the challenges and triumphs of those in our communities living with disability. Their show description says it all:

Challenge what you think it’s like to live with disability.  Hosts Dylan Alcott and Angus O’Loughlin speak to people living with disabilities about their lives and ask them the questions you thought were off-limits. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll learn something. This is a podcast for everyone – disabled or abled, and hopes to break down stigmas, change perceptions, and to challenge what you think it’s like to live with disability.


LISTEN | Hair & Loathing | RL

A four-part podcast about the history, the religion, the challenges for diverse women and of course the sexism of body hair removal.

I for one are guilty for not challenging my own relationship with body hair removal, why I do it, my unconscious biases for others in the community and the sheer magnitude of time required to meet society norms. Incredibly candid and diverse in guests, this podcast does an exceptional job of breaking down all things hairy.


READ | Sorrow and Bliss – Meg Mason | RL

Sorrow and Bliss follows the journey of mental health diagnosis for the fictional Martha. Written with incredible empathy and insight into the challenges of living day to day in uncertainty. Meg Mason utilises asides and the occasional sarcastic humour to maintain intrigue and lighten the mood. I read this in two days and couldn’t recommend it more.


READ | Olive – Emma Gannon | RL

Olive is thirty something and still figuring it all out. Her friends are heading down traditional paths with husbands and children, but life with a white picket fence isn’t really her thing. Told with great warmth and nostalgia, this is a modern tale about the obstacle course of adulthood, milestone decisions and the ‘taboo’ about choosing not to have children.

We have spoken a few times on Gazella about the messaging that comes from society when a woman turns thirty. The baby content comes in thick and fast. In the face of all these babies and growing families, candid conversations about those of us who may not want children is rare. This is the first book I have come across of its kind, tackling fertility, joint families, birthing challenges, motherhood and the decision to not have children. I couldn’t be more stoked that I stumbled across it as a recommendation to all my friends and family smack bang in the middle of society messaging.


WATCH |The Hunting – SBS | RL

Another older review, (it’s been out for a while), The Hunting follows the lives of four teenagers, their teachers and families in the aftermath of a nude teen photo scandal. Tackling themes of misogyny, online exploitation, sexuality and sexualisation, the series offers a vital portrait of modern, multicultural Australia.

This show captures this case from all angles, you catch yourself wondering what you would do as the mother, as the teacher, as the victim. A must watch for every human in your life, but especially the teenagers.


WATCH | Women of Steel – ABC | RL

Wollongong, 1980: After being told “there’s no jobs for women” at the local steelworks, a group of women begin a campaign against Australia’s most powerful company. Their political and legal battle for the right to work changed the rules forever.

As a woman in construction, I can’t believe I didn’t know about this exceptional story. A bunch of baller women taking on a steel giant, just because they saw the injustices and didn’t want to let them slide? INCREDIBLE. A quote we should all live by, “The best man for the job might be a woman”.


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