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A collection of things we love for June 2021.


Watch | Phoebe Waller Bridge! 

While we appreciate this is a stale review, but the joy of watching these masterpiece series will never get old.

FLEABAG follows an internal dialogue of a sassy, dark humoured, millennial woman navigating the peaks and troughs of her Londoner life. Waller Bridge’s writing is unlike any other and I think we all relate to Fleabag (even if we are somewhat embarrassed to admit it!) and I am sure I am not alone in the devastation of the end of this trailblazing show.

KILLING EVE centres around an agent searching for a serial killer. Which sounds like every other crime show under the sun,  but we promise you haven’t seen one like this. One minute you are on the edge of your seat, the next you are laughing at ridiculous behaviour, you may even catch yourself having empathy for a psychotic murderer with excellent outfits. There is a reason Killing Eve has won all the awards under the sun, the (mostly) female characters have so much depth and are portrayed incredibly well, while crime isn’t for everyone, we think everyone can get something out of this incredible show.

Absolute 10/10


READ | How Do We Know We’re Doing It Right?, Pandora Sykes

Again, another one where more pages than not, are dog-eared for future reference. This tome of essays will have you nodding, gesticulating, sighing and crying. Sykes writes with a focus on women, but covers everything from careers, social media, authenticity (the search for), mental workload, parenting and the millennial generation. This is essential reading. And I can’t wait to re-read this in five years, ten years, and maybe with my future children…

Verdict: A book for our times. 5/5. D


WATCH | Stateless, TV Series Directed by Emma Freeman and Jocelyn Moorhouse

Maybe late to the party again on this, with the original airing on ABC in 2020, the miniseries has now made it’s way to Netflix. Not a big Asher Keddie fan, but she is rather brilliant in this, and special mention to Cate Blanchett’s tracksuit ensemble (Blanchett also co-created the series). Based on real life events, the series follows a number of characters stuck in outback detention. A battle of freedom and the various insanities that come with power, abuse and helplessness. The videography is beautiful. The bold ‘STATELESS’ type on the episode starts – oddly stunning. And the emotional connections throughout, completely heart wrenching.

Verdict: Brilliant acting and a stark depiction of Australia’s detention system. 4.5/5  D


READ | Men Who Hate Women, Laura Bates

Other than a paper thin dust cover which has not held up well in my handbag (dislike), this book is an excellent discussion around MRAs, incels and pick-up artists. Bates discusses the nexus that seems to exist between patriarchy and these groups of individuals getting away with what essentially is abuse and terrorism. Whilst many consider the manosphere to be a niche movement in the dark corners of the internet, Bates shines a light on the dangers they pose and the influence they are having in the echo-chambers we inhabit. An excellent read, if hard at times. And rather awkward to read on the tram (my suggestion is to remove the dust cover!)

Verdict: Bloody interesting, if a little scary. 4/5. D


WEARING | Kholo, Perple, Kalaurie, and Van der Kooij

Always on the hunt for fun homegrown or sustainable labels (think Obus, Leonard St, Kuwaii, Variety Hour and Magpie Goose) but without the pricetag of Lee Mathews, Marimekko and the like, we recently stumbled on Kholo with sustainably sourced fabric, sizes 8-26 and Sedex approved makers. As their website states: EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU. TODAY. AS IT IS. IS F*CKING RIGHT. Amen to that.

Next we have made to order Perple with effortless Melbourne style – trendless, ethical and sustainable. Patterns to die for and garments made from mostly dead-stock, right here in Melbourne by designer Huiliana Chandra-Curry. Loving the strength of these pieces.

I don’t know when I started following Kalaurie Karl-Cooks on Instagram, but it was many years ago. I’ve watched her work and her label Kalaurie evolve into the beautiful timeless pieces, made in Melbourne, made to order and from dead-stock fabrics where possible. They source whatever they can – trims, labels, packaging and fabric, locally. Also coming soon to Fitzroy North!

A slightly different ilk, Van der Kooij has some stunning designs that wouldn’t look out of place in a modern medieval tv drama (love!), but is locally made and environmentally conscious. A little bit of a price tag, they have a conscious local supply chain, limited production, and a plant a tree program through Carbon Neutral Australia.  For every purchase, a tree is planted in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor. As the website states, ‘sequestering carbon from the atmosphere, the trees and shrubs help to reduce salinity, water and soil erosion, and provide habitat for the endangered Carnaby’s Black-Cockatoo, Malleefowl and other threatened flora and fauna.’ There’s a lot to like here.

Verdict: Shop local!

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