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Introducing Dear Gazella

story / Announcement / November 12, 2021

Dear GAZELLA Tribe,

We are always looking for ways to get you more involved. We love hearing from you – your thoughts, feelings, questions and opinions.

So, coming to you soon is Dear GAZELLA. Think Dear Dolly Doctor – (disclaimer, we defs aren’t doctors and probs can’t give you medical advice…) or Dear Frankie (though obviously probably only a quarter as cool as the team at Frankie).

Give us your feelings on life, shout-out a legend, tell us your thoughts on a GAZELLA interview, rail and rant at the world. Send a love note. Pen a poem. Draw something. I mean you could ask us questions, or for advice – but we can’t promise to have any wisdom!

Sign your name, or ask for it to be anon. We don’t mind! But we will post regularly on our blog and socials. We want to be inclusive and we want to engage with our community.

We’re hoping to post every second month…or more depending on the uptake and have a prize for our favourite letter. But hey, you might just get something one of us made, because we fund this ourselves.

Can’t wait to hear from you!

Send your letters via DM on Insta (@gazella_blog) or [email protected]

The GAZELLA team

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