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DEAR 2017

story / Blog / February 4, 2018

Dear 2017


Don’t get us wrong, you were amazing. There is however, no kinder way to put this, it was a year that some might call bat shit cray! Between interviewing every single Thursday night, flying to Sydney, the drama of hosting events, running late, squeezing this-in-between-that, meeting and greeting, podcasting, scribbling, posting, photographing, it got all a little hard to take a breath. whooosahh. We achieved more than we ever expected in you, dear year 2017. In case you missed anything whilst you were busy moving and shaking, here’s a look back over that roller-coaster that was you.

We started the year working alongside the University of Melbourne MSD Women’s Alumni Committee (mouth full!), to bring some amazing guest speakers and conversations to our fellow Alumnae. How humbling it felt to give back to the university community that gave us our start.

We partnered with UDIA again to run Gazella LIVE version 2.0. Our guest panel Laura Phillips, Sarah Tozer, Nicola Smith, Vanessa Goulding and Venise Reilly spoke on management styles, women’s agenda, family and flexibility, networking vs mentoring. It couldn’t have been more jam packed.

We were proud to be awarded as the Vic Finalists of the PCA Future Leader Award. Our win meant that Victoria had two of the finalists out of 6, Australia wide. We were so honoured to both be recognised individually for our leadership and contribution to the industry.

Justine decided to start renovating her inner city Victorian terrace while she made the move to ABD Group to pursue a new direction in her career. Watch out for our interview with ABD Group Director Raffaele Aiello still to come.

Danielle worked on her first health project out at Werribee Mercy Hospital. She took some brave new steps, trying to figure out her management style and how to keep herself centred in life. Her creative soul took some satisfaction in focusing on her personal photography.

YOGAZELLA came to fruition. That saw the vivacious Jules (our Yoga guru) leading Thirty of our Gazella tribe through a powerful Vinyasa flow, followed by the most beautiful spread by Plentiful Catering (@plentifulcatering_melbourne) and some amazing goodie bags to get everyone to Christmas. See photos below.

Oh and by the way, We also decided to start a Salon. Yeah a salon. An intimate affair with said guest speaker, cheese, wine, and Chatham house rules. This is hosted alongside the effervescent Dimity Reed (interview to come), highlights of which we will be bringing to the wider Gazella audience throughout the year. In our first, we heard from power duo Sonya Miller and Olivia Christie (@armitagejones). followed by our second guest, yes, Carolyn Viney was in the house. You should have seen our overwhelmingly star struck gobsmacked faces. Absolutely peerless.

And All the while working full time #constructionlyf. We wouldn’t have it any other way. Gazella is all scheduled around our already hectic work lives. In the late hours of the night, you will find us designing, crafting and organising. It’s outrageous when you think about it!

GAZELLA have a mission in 2018 to reach more women. We want to reach out to women at schools, university, in or out of the workplace. Your mothers, sisters, girlfriends, wives, grandmothers, aunties. We will be pursuing this wholeheartedly. We have an unshakable desire to engage with the industry and make a positive difference.

We are always on the hunt for suggestions, stories and guest writers. So if you have any ideas or thoughts, why not get in contact with us at [email protected] or @gazella_blog. Feel free to ‘dob in’ your friends/colleagues/rivals as interview suggestions.

As always, we remain steadfast in our mission to INSPIRE, CELEBRATE and CREATE AWARENESS. So welcome to 2018. We’re back! Bright eyed and bushy tailed. We got this.


D & J xxx


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