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story / Blog / July 20, 2020

COVID-19 is more than a public health crisis. When a crisis strikes, it amplifies the disparities that always existed in our cities and workplaces. We at Gazella may all work in the Built Environment industry but throw a pandemic in the mix and you realise the differences, perceived risks and politics associated with those who plan, design and build our cities.

Since COVID-19 hit the disparities between the professions of the Gazella Tribe were highlighted instantly, with Alice and Soph working from home since the beginning and Nancy, Justine, Danielle and Rosie forced to work on site or in the office. After all, it is very difficult to run a project from home! Danielle’s still onsite six days a week and Rosie based out on site 3 days a week. Nancy and Justine are at work five days a week in modified office spaces. With workloads increased due to the complexities of a pandemic, keeping a safe site and the media coverage surrounding the industry, things are very busy and heightened on site.

In comparison in the home office environment, Alice has a routine of going to the local coffee roasters in the lane near her house, coming back for the morning AGE quiz and a day of either silence at home or virtual meetings. Soph, on the other hand, spends her days in and out of Microsoft teams meetings and hoping to get a few minutes to do some work. Each manages to fit a walk or something active into the day to clear the head but months of Isolation are starting to take their toll.

A pandemic has made the whole world over house/office proud and virtually fatigued. There are only so many conversations one can have explaining that one is in fact, living above a tram track, or, ‘yes’ the heating at home does not work, so I am in my snow gear! Being available 24/7 is another challenging aspect of working from and the juggle of being constantly available if a colleague sees your online or they can call you mobile anyway. The term technology-free days has never been more relevant.

At least one thing is for sure, each Gazella tribe member has more time for the quiet things in life; being curious, painting, exploring the suburbs, gardening, jigsaws, podcasts, reading and appreciating the ebbs and flows of life. Each feeling the need to fit a walk or run into our days even if its the commute, after work or changing work hours to allow walking in the afternoon before it gets too dark.

I asked each Gazella tribe member to draw a map of their day, each drawing describes how our worlds have changed in 2020. Our neighbourhood/work maps show a moment in time which does not seem to be changing or moving anytime soon. Our drawings show key landmarks and moments in our COVID-19 working days, coffee, lunch, ‘the office’ and a stroll.

Sophie’s maps…

Nancy’s Maps…

Rosie’s maps…

Danielle’s map…

Alice’s map…

Five months on and it does not seem like the world will be popping back to pre-COVID 19 any time soon. We are all in the same places either working on-site or in our home offices. We have been caught up in the hustle and bustle of the dynamic Built Environment industry for a while and now is the opportunity to stop and smell the roses. A great opportunity to break the routine, re-evaluate what truly matters to us, reconnect with long lost friends and acknowledge the differences of profession between the Gazella tribe!



Look forward to our survey in the coming weeks of how COVID-19 has impacted you. We want to know how our readers are handling life in COVID. If you would like to send us some thoughts on how your world has changed, you can always comment below! Or if you want to send us your own drawing on Instagram @gazella_blog, we’d be absolutely chuffed!


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Marilyn Hubner   July 20, 2020 at 9:13 am

OMG How are those maps! You girls are so creative…