Professional author website design

Trusted by leading Australian and international authors, a Jin & Co. author website will give you a distinct identity to promote both you and your books. See our designs for sale.

“Justine and I had a vision, we had a clear strategy and we had a style that we wanted to pursue with our website. But we had an absolute dearth of experience or knowledge, when it came to setting up a blog. We knew right from the outset, that though we had a good idea of our design direction, we needed to outsource our branding and our website construction. We wanted it to look, feel and be professional from the moment we launched. And we wanted a polished look to all aspects of our internet and social media presence.

Jin & Co. We’re well priced, responsive, accommodating and fresh. Jin from the start was able to tease out of us our design ideas and really helped us formulate a clear statement of who and what we are. His team likewise, were always there for support and information. After meeting with Jin initially, we knew that he would respect our design vision and create something clean, beautiful and luxe.

Through the launch phase, Jin and his team were there to lend their help and support and for that, we cannot thank Jin enough. They were always on hand with helpful tips, opinions and options. They patiently helped us learn how to navigate WordPress, Mailchimp and the blogosphere.

At the end of the day, we have a website that looks fresh and professional. Ultimately the goal was to represent ourselves as professional and the feedback has been so positive in this regard. We are thrilled to have our name out there. And our name looks strong, confident and bold. Jin has captured the essence of Gazella, in close collaboration with the both of us. And we believe that our future is the brighter for it.”


Danielle and Justine,