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GAZELLA is an independent publication offering insights into inspiring females within the built environment.

Updated weekly, the blog exhibits interviews focusing on the work of women and topical issues in the current climate. Launched to capture the stories and spirit of the determined,

Gazella shares a passion for the celebration of women, their experiences and opinions, as well as advice and learnings that can be shared amongst our community.

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“I want to encourage other women to believe in themselves, connect to your feminine energy and stay true to your authentic self.”

Katharine Manning / Managing Director / Manning Consulting  /  Hit the Ground Running

story / Interview / October 11, 2021

My journey has not been a straight course, there has been lots of zigzagging. If I could have pictured myself 30 years ago, I would never have imagined this…

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“Too slow to notice the creep until it was there. Like the quiet ever present Bay.”

gazella loves / october 2021  /  To fill your lockdowns!

story / Gazella Loves / October 6, 2021

A collection of things we love for October 2021. We’ve made quite the list between Rosie and myself in all our lockdown spare time…

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“Hard work often bears fruits, but sometimes it doesn’t. ”

Thoughts by D / Editor GAZELLA  /  Impostor

story / Opinion / September 11, 2021

Whether it’s in my head or not, I’ve always felt that I’ve had to dot all the ‘i’s’ and cross all the ‘t’s’. That I’ve had to jump through the hoops to prove I could do it…

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