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“The lack of female role models enhances the perception that there is a glass ceiling in construction...”

Emma Osmundsen / Managing Director / Exeter City Living Ltd  /  Popping above the Parapet and Promoting healthy working relationships

story / Interview / September 9, 2019

I’m Managing Director of Exeter City Living, which is a wholly owned, private development company of Exeter City Council, in South West England. I am tasked in delivering high performance, low carbon, healthy and climate resilient developments that generate ‘profit for purpose’. My career trajectory has been steady. I started off, post university, as a […]

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“Take a look around and follow your instincts. If it doesn’t work out, move on or find a new trail. The hike is worth it.”

Thoughts by D / Editor GAZELLA  /  Sorry...What are you doing again?

story / Blog / July 25, 2019

So I’ve just made eight years at Multiplex…which is crazy, right? Especially considering average tenure in a job right now in Australia sits at 2 years and eight months for my age group…

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“You can be your biggest critic and your harshest critic, so go easy on yourself too. Punishment isn't necessarily productive.”

Emily Mudge / Health, Government & Institution Sector Manager / Icon Co. & Cockram  /  a lifetime pursuit

story / Interview / May 29, 2019

Four years ago now I made the move from Lendlease and joined Icon.  I have since had the opportunity to work with their Japanese parent company Kajima and develop their business here, specifically in the health, university and government sectors.  It mostly appealed to me as the company’s history in these sectors were largely unformed […]

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