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Updated weekly, the blog exhibits interviews focusing on the work of women and topical issues in the current climate. Launched to capture the stories and spirit of the determined,

Gazella shares a passion for the celebration of women, their experiences and opinions, as well as advice and learnings that can be shared amongst our community.

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“Chances are people are happy for you to help, because the more you know, the less they have to do.”

Nicole Brown Graduate Engineer Structures / Calibre Group  /  Would I regret it, if I said ‘no’?

story / Interview / March 8, 2018

Back in year twelve, I never really thought to study engineering. I always wanted to be a Physiotherapist. I did a lot of gymnastics and netball growing up (not great for your ankles), and  spent a lot of times around Physios. I even completed work experience at a Physio and loved it!

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“In standard Rosie behaviour, I have been breaking the 'don't eat street food' rule of travel left right and centre and might I say momos (Nepalese dumplings) may have changed my life. ”

Rosie Leake / Construction Graduate and Adventurer / A Year Out  /  Sindhuli - Playground Build #1

story / Guest Post / February 19, 2018

I chucked on the trusty yet-to-partake-in-any-actual-building steel blues and headed to site at the leisurely hour of 9am (as opposed to the usual construction scene of 7am)…

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“We’re back! Bright eyed and bushy tailed. We got this.”

Justine Hadj & Danielle Savio Co-Editors GAZELLA  /  DEAR 2017

story / Blog / February 4, 2018

Don’t get us wrong, you were amazing. There is however, no kinder way to put this, it was a year that some might call bat shit cray! Between interviewing every single Thursday night, flying to Sydney, the drama of hosting events, running late, squeezing this in-between that, meeting and greeting, podcasting, scribbling, posting, photographing, it got all a little hard to take a breath.

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