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Updated weekly, the blog exhibits interviews focusing on the work of women and topical issues in the current climate. Launched to capture the stories and spirit of the determined,

Gazella shares a passion for the celebration of women, their experiences and opinions, as well as advice and learnings that can be shared amongst our community.

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“If it is meant to be, it is up to me.”

Vanessa Goulding Senior Project Manager Far East Consortium  /  Queen Bee

story / Interview / August 22, 2016

After I graduated (RMIT-Bachelor of Construction Management), my first job was at Alfasi Steel Constructions. As a Site Coordinator on the Museum of Victoria Project. It just blew me away. I was in heaven. I knew from that first day, that all I wanted was to build major projects. I was like a sponge. Just so keen.

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“When I was made editor in 2011, I really had to work on having a public profile and what that means. ”

Katelin Butler Editor Houses  /  My foot in the door

story / Interview / August 15, 2016

My strength in Architecture school was writing about architectural theory. I’d procrastinate from my design studio work by writing the essays for my theory subjects. I’ve always had an interest in media and communications, even before I started studying architecture…

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“I think people put a lot of pressure on women, including women themselves, to achieve in all spheres of life. ”

Joanne Grant Project Manager Donald Cant Watts Corke  /  Be Realistic

story / Interview / August 8, 2016

I started my career in the UK. I worked for the Probation service for a year after University, thinking that’s what I wanted to do. In the public sector, possibly in England more than here, there’s this culture of ‘them and us’ in terms of management and the rest of the staff…

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