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GAZELLA is an independent publication offering insights into inspiring females within the built environment.

Updated weekly, the blog exhibits interviews focusing on the work of women and topical issues in the current climate. Launched to capture the stories and spirit of the determined,

Gazella shares a passion for the celebration of women, their experiences and opinions, as well as advice and learnings that can be shared amongst our community.

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“I would say to go and get as much experience as you possibly can. Even in first year Uni. ”

Camilla Craig Graduate Civil Engineering Spiire  /  Focus on the Work

story / Interview / September 25, 2017

I supposed I really didn’t know what to do in high school. I always really liked art and I could see myself going into Architecture, but I didn’t get into Architecture, so I ended up in this course called Architectural Engineering…

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“The argument with your Dad when you try to explain to him that construction is what you do for a living. ”

The First TEN Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Contemplating Your Own Renovation / Justine Hadj  /  Co-Editor of GAZELLA

story / Blog / September 11, 2017

How hard could it be? I mean really. You do this as your 9 to 5 (ok, maybe 7 to 7). Weave through Council. Coordinate with Consultants. Negotiate upside down with Subcontractors. Beg neighbours for forgiveness. I mean really..

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Gazella Loves / September 4, 2017

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