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“ That practical applied experience is absolutely fundamental in you getting a leg up and moving forward. ”

Peter Lovell / Director and Founding Principal / Lovell Chen  /  Heritage

story / Interview / September 24, 2018

My interests in construction, architecture and particularly heritage, really stemmed from some dear friends of mine when I was a boy growing up, who lived down the road, Warwick and Susie Forge. Warwick was the assistant administrator of the National Trust and lived in a historic house. I used to go around a do little […]

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“I still remember thinking ‘I don’t know what that is, but if the CEO’s asked me to do it, it must be important, so I’m going to say yes’.”

Linda Mellors Chief Operating Officer / Chief Executive Health Services / Mercy Health  /  Moving Meditation

story / Interview / September 10, 2018

When I entered professional life, coming from an academic environment, I was very worried that I wouldn’t get anywhere. I had this awful anxiety that I would just blend in. I saw all these different personalities and that was a huge learning for me. I had to learn quickly about what motivates people and that their motivators were often different to mine.

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“In Europe I find it frustrating that everyone has a second language and it’s a working second language. They wear it like a second skin.”

Thoughts by D / Co-editor of GAZELLA  /  Tiny Fish

story / Blog / August 27, 2018

I often feel like a tiny fish in a big pool that is the industry. A tiny fish swimming against a tide of other tiny fish, all battling to make an impact, a difference, become a leader, an innovator, or a barrier breaker. But I also can’t get over the privilege of my position. The privilege of traveling for work. Of feeling like I’ve made it into a role that I could never have dreamed of…

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