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Updated weekly, the blog exhibits interviews focusing on the work of women and topical issues in the current climate. Launched to capture the stories and spirit of the determined,

Gazella shares a passion for the celebration of women, their experiences and opinions, as well as advice and learnings that can be shared amongst our community.

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“I’ve learnt sobering lessons about transparency, accountability and integrity during my formative years.”

Samantha Phillips, MIEAust, CPEng, NER, P.Eng. Principal Petroleum Engineer Origin Energy  /  my resiliency

story / Guest Story / October 24, 2016

I immigrated to Canada when I was 5-years old with my parents (aged 22 & 23) and a 3-year old sister and baby brother. I had a very traditional British upbringing…

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“Never look down on anyone or believe that race, gender, creed or colour in any way diminishes anyone. ”

Brian Stevenson Chief Operating Officer Assets and Security Jurisdiction Services Courts Victoria  /  A Mission in Life

story / Interview / October 17, 2016

I started my professional life as a psychiatric nurse in Edinburgh, Scotland. This was like a passport, as the profession was in great demand and helped by my education a the well renowned school in Edinburgh…

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Susan Oliver Chairman Scale Investors  /  Oil on Sawdust

story / Interview / October 10, 2016

I was the first woman to graduate from construction at the University of Melbourne in 1969…

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